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design versus ‘intelligent’ design…//5.1.3 Art, Evolution and The Tragic Genre

September 15th, 2017 · No Comments

The ID group speaks of design, and more intelligent design, but the critique here has always baulked at the term ‘intelligent’ because it is abused as crypto-creationist. But we confront the mysterious ‘net equivalent’ to ‘intelligence’ in the way the eonic effect correlates with so much great art and literature. (Enigma of the Axial Age pursues the question beyond WHEE somewhat: we can propose a new kind of intelligent designer). In the age of neural nets, AI, I feel my hesitation here is justified because such subject while proving nothing as such suggest that a planetary mystery is in action here with ‘mechanisms’ that can mimic intelligence. But we confront as historical design systems that can process aesthetic objects, more, induce hominids to be creative in specific ways…

Source: 5.1.3 Art, Evolution and The Tragic Genre

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