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the eonic effect for skeptics…//3.1 Climbing Mt. Improbable: The Eonic Effect

September 15th, 2017 · No Comments

Conventional historians are very skeptical of so-called speculative approaches, but then turn around and fall for the fallacies of Big History (that instant genre arising in the wake of WHEE). The latter is already at risk given the coming fall of darwinism (or the fait accompli of such).

But there is no reason to take anything on faith: the eonic effect stands on the evidence which shows a clear non-random pattern of developmental emergence and this simply exposes something ‘climbing Mt. Improbable’. It is not necessary to take this on faith, but unsafe at any speed to proceed on conventional assumptions that reject teleology, or directionality, or macroevolutionary emergentism.
Since this systematics distinguishes free agency and system action and a suspected endpoint of its macro action we can proceed without believing anything, remaining skeptical both for and against, but clearly operating as free agents with the productions correlated with the eonic effect.

Source: 3.1 Climbing Mt. Improbable: The Eonic Effect

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