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Hegel?…philosophic fetishim and the staring point of Kant…//Slavoj Žižek | Issue 122 | Philosophy Now

September 26th, 2017 · No Comments

Far better for the left would be to adopt a serious understanding of ‘dialectic’ (dialectic as dyadic versus postdialectial triadic logic)and use this to make philosophy as such a platform beyond and/or embracing materialism. Simply reversal of materialism using Hegel forgets that he is a ‘dialectical’ debated with Kant, and the symmetry of Hegel/Schopenhauer. Marxist materialism was unable to avail itself of the remarkable insights of ‘transcendental idealism’ next to absolute idealism.

What do you think philosophy can or should do in our time, and is Hegel particularly significant? Absolutely. Maybe today is not the time to try to change the world but instead to step back, precisely to think. What we need today is a materialist reversal of Marx back to Hegel. Hegel is in a subtle way much more materialist than Marx. You know which Hegel I like? When he says in his Philosophy of Right “the owl of Minerva takes flight only in the evening.” This simple sentence belies the usual claim that Hegel was a conservative whose Philosophy of Right advocated an almost protofascist type of society.

Source: Slavoj Žižek | Issue 122 | Philosophy Now

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