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R48G: exposing knowledge elites (epistocrats)? exposing mass hypnosis in the capitalist conditioning/advertising technologies

September 26th, 2017 · No Comments


Discussions of epistocracy are a bit ‘off’, to say the least, apart from breaking the taboo of speaking about such things, and being part of some knowledge elite is no guarantee of anything. Looking back on the history of biology we can see how a knowledge elite completely fumbled the ball on darwinism, and has shown itself to be incapable of getting out of the rut. In general social conditioning applies at all levels, and the plebs maligned in this article need a pass on the grounds that anyone subject to the mass media is likely to be an idiot. And who runs the mass media, the epistocrats? A definition of democracy needs to consider issues of social conditioning and the effect of mass hypnosis in the capitalist market system.

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