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R48G: virtual revolution 2.0: the real guerilla war must be in and/or against the US…a new international…

September 29th, 2017 · No Comments


The real guerilla war must be in and/or against the US…with our platform concept of virtual revolution we might start thinking how a revolutionary movement could initiate in the US. What tactics are required and how could they succeed?
This is pure gandandken experiment level, so far, but a concept here is needed as a developing crisis that approaches calamity…

We have suggested that a clean break with the marxist legacy is required (we can make an appendix to our manifestos of healthy chunks of the marxist classics) in a rethink of communism adapted to a new era, with an intelligent analysis of economics, an ecological focus, a new approach to class struggle, and a new constitutional foundation beyond capital in a Commons….

The problem with marxism is its theory/clutter and its analysis of stages of history: communism can only be the resolution of a capitalist ‘phase’ of history if we act as free agents to create based on axioms that derive its future as a Commons based on issues of equality, economic rights, ecological/gaian planetary maintenance and democracy done right. We can ironically prove Marx ‘right’ by acting freely to create a post-capitalist era. Our suggestions of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ allow a transitional format that bring socialism to democracy and democracy to socialism in a system that brings a resolution to classic liberalism and simply voids the ‘end of history’ ideologies/nonsense…

Humanity approaches failure as a species about to wreck a planet. The rules of revolutionary action are coming online: think…

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