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the marx cult at the braindead monthly review…the turgid morass called gundrisse…//On Marx’s philosophical methodology in the Grundrisse | MR Online

October 3rd, 2017 · No Comments

The question of Hegel is a useless distraction save only that it points to the larger field of world philosophy and specifically the Kantian revolution of which Hegel was a part. The labors of Zizek are a complete waste of time and the fact remains that Hegel is VERY difficult to understand. Marxism’s bizarre Hegelian fetish is a strange mockery of its materialism, as Hegel’s strange idealism is a suspicious undermining of the great invention of ‘transcendental idealism’ in the Kantian sense. Marxists have ended up in the most absurd version of Hegelian dialectic, itself a crib of (too often dubious) mystical triadism.

The Grundrisse has to be the most turgid farce of the whole marxist religious cult and is a text as unreadable as it is sophistical.
Over and over and over again this Marx worship goes back to the ‘sacred texts’ for dogmatic exegesis that can’t do anything but celebrate holy writ. Meanwhile the bastion of marxist idiocy at Monthly Review is a form of popery and asphyxiates any attempt at recasting the whole stupid legacy whose fate was sealed by stalinism for which Marx is finally responsible…

There is a great deal of debate today about Marx’s philosophical method, and the extent of its relationship to Hegelianism. Some figures, notably Zizek, feel that Marx deviates too much from Hegel and often at a considerable cost.2 I suspect part of the reason there has been a call for us to go back to Hegel is, as mentioned, Marx’s own philosophical method is never spelled out in his most famous works. One has to make many interpretive inferences to glean the philosophical method out of the dense pages of Capital and its dry figures and historical analysis.

Source: On Marx’s philosophical methodology in the Grundrisse | MR Online

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