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Proposal submitted…what the heck…

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May 17th-20th 2018 – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Red Forty-eight Group

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3 – Post-Capitalist Models

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The future of the past : Socialist experience and prefigurative initiatives
Creative utopias for the 21st century

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No, this is an individual presentation

The editorial committee identified a certain number of sub-themes for each theme, you can consult the list here: http://thegreattransition.net/suggested-activities/ Presentations do not have to correspond to one of the sub-themes, but we encourage contributions that do.

Does your presentation fit one of the identified sub-themes? *


The abstract should not be longer then 300 words for an individual contribution, and 600 words for a pre-formed panel.
If you are contributing to one of the suggested sub-themes, write the name of the sub-theme in the abstract. (See list: http://thegreattransition.net/fr/suggested-activities/ )

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Democratic Market Neo-communism

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This presentation provides two Manifestos (Kindle books, pdf) with a call to a postmarxist neo-communism with a critique of historical materialism and stages of production theory in order to create a revolutionary matrix of postcapitalism based on free agency and constructivist non-utopian democracy as neo-communism based on a three sector blueprint of planned, market (without private property), and autonomous sectors. The result, called ‘democratic market neo-communism’ can create both a realization of legacy left traditions and a radical break with failed bolshevik-related histories…

Your bio, and the bio of everyone else that will be presenting in your proposed contribution or panel: *
Independent scholar, author of World History and the Eonic Effect, and five books on issues of the left and socialism/communism. Owner of the blog Darwiniana where much of the material cited has been first discussed…

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