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R48G: working class, universal class…

October 8th, 2017 · No Comments


Why is the left fixated on the working class? Why favor one class over another? Is the working class really revolutionary? We have tried to address these issues with a new kind of multitasking approach emphasizing the ‘universal class’, which is both a universal set (set theory) of all classes and/or a new class into which all classes merge in a domain of universal equality. This can allow multiple formations to act in concert yet in separate ways: the old left often has problems with multiple formations, e.g. LGBT groups, Black Lives Matter…But in our larger perspectives we can create multiple streams in parallel of radical activisms all subset of the universal class. There is no longer the old working class versus some other class/group. There is no reason why a working class emphasis can’t come to the fore in this context but in the general the issue of communism is a social contract, not the labor issues of the working class, who will end up being manipulated by a vanguard. Instead we should take into account that vanguard in advance and give it a discipline that the older left never had as it let psychopaths and worse slip into hypocritical formation. The class of political vanguardists might be an ascetic class with a secular/religious/philosophic dialectical spectrum that becomes not unlike platonic guardians…an idea off the top…
There is every possibility this is compatible with a working class focus but in the end a communist system must be made by multiple segment of the universal class who work on the basis of principle, not class. The problem with the working class concept is that it is an abstraction and abstractions are no going to correspond to the reality of multiple ‘working class’ classes as subsets of the working class. And it was always the strange snobbery in reverse that ended up demonizing a ‘lumpenproletariat’ and couldn’t in the case of bolshevism handle the issues of peasants, a severe failing indeed.

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