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R4G: eonic model as failsafe…why everyone gets history wrong…

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R48G: the problem of history and problems with the eonic model: a minimalist version of the eonic effect as a series of questions/hypotheses and warnings

R48G: virtual revolution? Trump’s criminal climate policy is grounds for a new politics…

R48G: eonic effects, a new model of history and virtual revolution

There seems little chance of converting the left to a view of the eonic effect. In fact, we don’t need to. Instead what we need is a way to show how most historical theories don’t work.

And the eonic model is not a theory. You can refute it at leisure, but you can’t really change the facts it points to. And it offers instead warning about how theories go wrong with a set of ‘probably, otherwise’. Conventional historical thinking is adamant that teleology is not the case. The eonic effect shows how that is probably false.

A first set of tasks is to critique historical materialism, economic determinism, phony evolutionary theory (darwinism) the replacement of free agency with causal pseudoscience, and from there to adopt a broader perspective that is not stuck with materialists preaching to idealists and vice versa. Having served this purpose the ‘eonic model’ defaults to a simple outline or chronicle, no belief required.
The nice feature of this model is that you are exiting from the eonic dynamic: you don’t have to have a theory of its action to proceed.

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