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archive: a gaian theme? bennett’s new age mythology, hypo, auto, hypernomic levels…

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R48G: a Gaian theme? Bennett’s new age mythology, hypo, auto, hypernomic levels…
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R48G: a streamlined version of the eonic effect…a Gaian matrix

Why conventional history never gets it right//3.5.1 A Gaian Matrrix: Detecting A Global System

Our streamlined version of the eonic effect suggests but doesn’t require a Gaian theme but it is almost inevitable that we end up with global view of evolutionary process and a Gaian perspective provides that. But the Gaia hypothesis has been reductionist in one view and a mystical ‘new age’ myth on the other.

We can cite the views of J.G.Bennett because they at least suggest a disciplined approach. They mystic new agers muddle the question thinking that the planet is ‘alive’ but this is the wrong approach. Here the distinction of hyper, auto, and hypernomic levels can sort out the confusion: the biosphere in Bennett would be an aspect interacting at the level of the hypernomic, a cradle of life beyond life (at least I think that is Bennett’s idea)…We will stop there because there is little chance at the moment the left would even listen to such thinking.

We can half-seriously suggest a religion postmarxism based on a Gaian theme, on a par with our virtual church of the Holy Brick: the needs to provide a postreligious secularism that is better than the original religions, a combination of dialectical views beyond faithism as a dialectical field, not a set of beliefs.

This sounds a bit crazy/weird, but the first point is simply that evolution on the surface of a planet requires a radically novel new science.

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