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R48G: history, evolution, revolution and the once and future modernity
February 16th, 2017 ·


At a time of leftist discombobulation it is important to get one’s bearings with a simple and practical version of historical dynamism that can animate a postmarxist generation. Our eonic model can do that but it is perhaps too strange at first to be taken seriously.
We have already dealt with that in our various manifestos, along with Crisis of Modernity and Out of Revolution.

We can avail ourselves of the material if it is simplified to the point of being not a fixed theory but a set of questions and a range of answers. In the meantime the darwinian paradigm is starting to collapse and we are ready there. But unfortunately the older marxist left is too far gone in its dogmatic system to either appeal to a new generation or produce a movement that can accomplish anything. The DSA has surged in membership, great, 10,000 members? Hardly enough. I think Sanders should have led a real socialist movement, even a revolutionary one. Instead we are stuck with situation that has become grotesque. In part the problem was the ambiguity of ‘our revolution’, Bernie’s?

The planet is about to self-destruct: we are ready here with a program, a virtual revolution, or else the real thing, and this can translate immediately into some kind of action. I fear however that as with Sanders’ ‘Our Revolution’ we will fall short of the revolution needed in the frittering away of revolutionary jargon as ‘New Deal’ ‘play it again, sam’ attempted repeats of FDR. Why would we expect to succeed if the previous success was systematically analyzed and dismantled?
We are getting a lot of visitors to this site, and it correlates with our R48G series, so maybe we are onto something.

Our strategy here, however, is to operate with what many might consider an unrealistic strategy. Why challenge darwinism at a time like this? But our strategy is based on a sense that while we not equipped to either found a movement or operate celebrity style leadership we can do something related but different: do everything the hard way as the right way, not cater to public opinion to the exclusion of principles and to avoid issue activism fragmentation…Too old to found some new movement we can nonetheless not try to hedge on activism with partial platforms:

we have produced two manifestos
two world histories with several more in the background
an emergency emphasis on the issue of climate change…
an analysis and critique of marxism
an analysis of economic theories
a strategy on the calculation debate
an analysis of secularism and world religion
with an exit strategy for christians, along with similar possibilities with respect to islam and indic/buddhist religion…
a critique of darwinism with an indication for a substitute
a critique of dialectical materialism and, in the wings, a samkhya substitute
a two-edged sword: evolutionary/revolutionary projects
there is more…that is a lot of controversies and any ‘sensible’ activist would concentrate on single themes…
we have also picked up to carry parallel activist issues of feminism, LBBT, BLM, and related issues,
with a cowcatcher for cousin issues such as Basic Income, automation, etc, …
in short we have a basics for a blueprint for a new form of civilization…
we have deliberately not simplified or eliminated anything which may or may not mean we will ignored completely…

and to this we add a warning that the left is mostly floundering in confusion…

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