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archive: virtual revolution, again…Sanders’ squandered idea of ‘Our Revolution’…

October 10th, 2017 · No Comments

R48G: virtual revolution, again…Sanders’ squandered idea of ‘Our Revolution’…
June 17th, 2017 ·

We have crossed back and forth between evolutionary and revolutionary views, in the process creating an exercise with the idea of ‘virtual revolution’:

a kind of speculative consideration of the revolutionary option without necessarily being intent on that in practice. The point is get past the superficiality of most thinking on the so-called left. One problem with the evolutionary approach is that it is nationalistic and confined to one system, e.g. the US. But the crisis we face is global and requires overcoming the imperialism of the US, its militaristic economics, and its exploitations of external entities. An international is needed. However implausible at this point.
In a way Sanders’ idea of ‘Our Revolution’ should have been this, and there is a resemblance of the ideas, save only that Sanders didn’t really ‘mean it’ and then squandered his credibility at the end of his run.
The world is suffering at the hands of the US and its capitalism. A localized evolutionary path discovers at once the limited consciousness of the American public, including the working class. We need to consider at least in the abstract the need for a global transformation that is a de facto revolutionary transformation.

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