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R48G: an absolute set of provocations: can there be any more grounds for a (still virtual) revolutionary challenge?

October 10th, 2017 · No Comments

R48G: an absolute set of provocations: can there be any more grounds for a (still virtual) revolutionary challenge?
February 19th, 2017 ·


We have consistently pursued the revolutionary option here although in the context of current state power that can seem counterintuitive. Our stance is actually an admonition against letting the feared impossibility of direct action preempt the construction of a failsafe revolutionary option ready in the circumstances developing further and further into the ‘red zone’.

The current discussions/warning about the methane threat suggest that the crisis has moved into the catastrophic realm. Given the complex situation we face we are suddenly given almost all the justification we need for ‘direct action’ or revolutionary challenge. We have created a ‘last chance’ concept of ‘virtual revolution’ as a ready project still unrealized, still uninitialized. We can construct a movement from that potentiality as one ready for the arriving circumstance of social disorder. The current american social confusion makes revolutionary direct action close to a ‘last resort’ necessity. We confront the immense american system of power controlled by a madman who actually wishes to deny climate change, destroy the EPA, and withdraw from a barely achieved climate treaty. Further, we are under no obligation to call this horrific theatre a democratic outcome. We are thus being thrust into the prospect of the revolutionary option becoming real. We msut be ready for the moment. Unfortunately the outstanding lefts seem unready for this moment.

In the background we have the grotesque reality beyond the neoliberal madhouse inherited form the last century of a ‘deep state’ whose agencies from the CIA to the national security apparatus are clearly out of control and whose action is obscure as to its actual dynamics and history: the evidence of a 9/11 conspiracy, completely suppressed on the left, suggests a rogue state system of criminal psychopaths.

We also confront the reality that the american system is dangerous to the world and that its victims external to the political boundaries in question have no voice in the closed electoral field. That is, revolution in principle is the only real option…

Nonetheless an electoral option can and should be pursued in parallel and the possibilities here depend on the creation of a broadly accept ‘new consensus’ as to democracy, socialism/communism, and the reform of the democratic state apparatus…

We see american culture going into shock: it is not a revolutionary mindset that animates the feckless lefts current. A kind of paralyzed and spasmodic issue activism coopted by the clever fake ‘populism’ of its crypto-fascist president next to a series of socialist jabberwockies unable to formulate a post-bolshevik resurrection of the primordial communist futurism.

Are americans condemned to slide into oblivion doing nothing but floundering in the fantasy of revolution such as the ‘Our Revolution’ initiative of Sanders?

We can table this and we can also propose a counterpoint: we need an aggressive project for carbon capture at the level of the manhattan project. And yet, we can’t even manage that.

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