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archive: monotheism: the last stage of paganism? an ‘atheist’ xtianity/Islam?

October 12th, 2017 · No Comments

Monotheism: the last stage of paganism? an ‘atheist’ xtianity/Islam?
September 22nd, 2017 ·

The onset of monotheism was really an attack on paganism but the outcome, like the Greek myths, was really another myth with a pantheon of one god, Zeus turned into that one god. The clutter of beliefs in pop theism thus snowballed into a confused canon that was rendered even more incoherent by the demand of faith, a demand that has a notorious effect on simple logical thinking.

As we expose the myths of the Old Testament and Israel the whole game is under collapse. But christians and moslems have a exit strategy which might also optionally enable the creation of a real religion of the future. That religion already exists and is called secularism, but the latter is simply a set of innovations of the early modern and lacks a truly coherent focus: what pray tell is the secular stance on god? Perhaps that is a strength as we realize in different ways the ‘modern potential’. Xtians fail to realize that an ‘atheist’ xtianity is actually the final exit from paganism. We put ‘atheist’ in quotation marks because negating ‘god’ can be as confused as affirming ‘god. That’s because noone can define what is to be negated. But negating superstitious ‘god’ beliefs is clearly an obvious move toward metaphysical sanity in a kantian vein. The modern atheist has more or less won the battle here but may have lost the war because ‘god’ taken in faith can yield to god taken in all sorts of other definitions so numberless we cannot take them into account. The idea of ‘god’ simply goes bankrupt however defined and we move on to new concepts. A good example of this is our frequently cited Bennett who defines ‘god’ as the third reconciling force in all triads high and low. Ingenious, but not particularly helpful. And a bit hard to really prove. But the suggestion is food for thought and in any case shows that ‘god’ beyond faith is simply a metaphysical coinage game.
In a way islam solved the problem with its clever ‘atheist’ take disguised in the prayer/slogan: there is no god but god. If this had been properly taken it might have taken islam to a higher stage beyond ‘monotheistic paganism’, indications often visible in some forms of sufism. In fact islam is eminently open to a true reformation: strip out the whole sharia and rationalize theism as per our suggestions against pop theism, and throw out everything else that is cluttering rational thought. Best of luck! But the point is an ‘atheist’ xtianity/islam is eminently possible. The atheists have won the battle, but lost the war, as noted: even ‘atheist’ yogis often speak of ‘god’. Can’t be stamped out. It is simply gestural.

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