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R48G: we will know we are getting somewhere if we get a portrait of neo-communism that doesn’t use the term ‘marxism’…

October 12th, 2017 · No Comments


It is easy and seminal to reopen the critique of Fukuyama, and to do so without attempting to justify classic marxism: instead we might acknowledge that the critique was successful at least in refuting the claims of stalinism as an end of history, thence essentially a critique of bolshevism. As to marxism, as we noted yesterday, its implicit argument as to the stages of history as the net equivalent of an ‘end of history’ argument are not really any better, at least as hard theory.
We have suggested another approach which leaves the ‘capitalist end of history’ behind but which also leaves behind the hard core ‘end of history’ ideology. We can use the eonic model to detect most ironically some truth to the original idea. Hegel almost got it right and thought there was a teleological aspect to the question, but he never said anything like what has passed as the settled ideology in the wake of Fukuyama.
The point is that we suspect some kind of historical thrust behind the modern democratic revolutions (the eonic effect suggests what it is) and that the issue for postmarxism is to point out that bourgeois democracy is a failure and won’t stand as a steady construct of modern politics. The neoliberal period shows the obvious: making capitalist ‘democracy’ fundamental backfires and self-falsifies as a fully successful outcome.
The remedy is to dismiss hard categories and to define the democratic in terms of ‘liberal communism’, and vice versa, to define communism as a way to a real democratic system.
In any case, the marxist left needs to be on the move and not inflict the same old tired formulations on the left given the history of moves in the game that preempt sterile repetition.
A constructivist approach to a neo-communist democracy with an intelligent resolution of the debates over economy. The mystique of markets is starting to fail and a new generation is open to a new statement of socialist principals. But the discussion must be fresh and thought out without the dead hand of an older left enforcing its dogmas. We will know we are getting somewhere if we get a portrait of neo-communism that doesn’t use the term ‘marxism’…

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