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R48G: two symmetric failures…

October 13th, 2017 · No Comments

As per the previous post we see that we confront two symmetric failures: the socialism becoming social democratic compromise, and socialism becoming antiliberal dictatorship. But the issue would seem, as with our ‘democratic market neo-communism’ to find a solution to the problem of liberalism in socialism (communism) and a solution to the problem of socialism in democracy: the complete antagonism of opposites missed the point that communist axioms and democratic axioms might coexist with an approach to markets that was postcapitalist.

R48G: a framework answer to the failures of ‘social democratic’ pseudo-socialism…

September 17th, 2017 ·

I might seem that if we follow this analysis we should simply proceed to social democratic solutions to the problem. And that in many ways was the passage beyond communism for many in the wake of the period of Bernstein, etc…But we can see clearly that that also failed.

But our analysis is already beyond that: the point is not to abandon communism but to see that its logic is really a democratic axiomatics. Instead of a new period of history we have solution to the problem of capitalism and democracy in the derivation of equality and fairness in the creation of, or return to, the Commons. That is very different from the older approach and our ‘democratic market neo-communism’ attempts to analyze a triad of possibilities: a planned sector and a market, and a lower below threshold sector that is more or less left alone. We can debate to what degree this solution would be market based or planned and some day soon a new technology of planning might solve the issues involved in the ‘calculation debate’, but the point is be ready at Lenin’s NEP moment with something better than what he had inherited from marxism.
Our formulation thus takes into account also the problems with social democratic solutions which were the real outcome of marxism and which have apparently failed.

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