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Capitalism as totalitarian?

October 17th, 2017 · No Comments

The Axial Age (and macro model) as a key to getting past the confusions of religion/anti-religion (to say nothing of darwinism)

We have been critical of the ‘usual left’ because it has been neutralized by its own history, by the ‘end of history’ propaganda, and by the rapidly escalating forms of domination emerging from the american system.

We linked to a Telesur essay on the CIA in latin america, a reminder that even liberal mainstreamers like Clinton and Sanders (?socialist) would be forced to support the whole legacy of repression.

We have spoken of market neo-communism, but this must be accompanied by an overall line of attack on complex periphery issues:

we must adopt a revolutionary stance that can seize control of the ‘deep state’, the CIA and its ‘peripheries unnamed’, recreate democratic government with a new constitution that is a basic communist compact, one that expropriates private property as the level of capital, and from there able to establish an international perspective, an anti-imperialist perspective, a public reckoning of the crimes of state beginning with the 9/11 false flag op, and a initiative toward nuclear disarmament. Last but not least, the issue of climate change…

It is not use saying this is unrealistic or impossible: we are rapidly being imprisoned in a complex totalitarian system from which there will be no escape. We need to see the desperation of the situation and make the sacrifice needed to initiate a real revolution.

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