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The crisis of capitalism is also the crisis of the left crippled by bad ideological thinking

October 21st, 2017 · No Comments

Social thought has fallen into a Nietzschean rut, mixed with scientism and Darwinism.

Last and First Men tries to create a path for the left out of this woods: why is Nietzsche so influential? He is a good writer with nihilist nervous breakdown. How could anyone read Nietzsche without first considering Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer? Nietzsche is a reflection on the way the early modern’s grand spectrum suddenly degenerates in the nineteenth century. We see this reflected in the almost violent reaction against idealism in the rise of marxism? Is that really the right battle? Idealism, materialism, who cares? We can attempt to do a ‘dialectic’ that can explore these opposites. Idealism might lead to religious reactionaries trying to sucker punch a ‘new god’. But that strategy is a bit ragged, and materialism is actually worse in that regard.

With Darwinism, social thought is succumbing to its own religious wishfullfilment, the miracle of natural selection to guarantee a purely reductionist perspective. It needs to be struck down/

LFM provides a way out of the confusions of historical materialism, Darwinism, and religious legacies. We can easily re-adapt historical materialism, as a study of economic history, to a different foundation. The study of the Axial Age is a better debriefing of religion that reductionist scientism…
So it goes all the way through: the crisis of capitalism is also the crisis of the left crippled by bad ideological thinking

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