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What is to be done?

October 21st, 2017 · No Comments

The Trump phenomenon is a puzzle of a self-destructing monstrosity whose effect is not only to sabotage ‘democracy’ but to invite a challenge to the whole system of neoliberal domination of that so-called democracy.

Our ‘platform’ has consistently alternated between virtual revolutions but the prospect of an actual revolution needs to be tabled, and used to confront activists with the dangers of a future that can’t be forestalled with weak-kneed efforts…

A revolution is closer than we think, the point is to be ready and it requires more than regurgitated marxism: the latter will cause the whole game to fail. Face it.
We have suggested a very broad set of combined opposites in our model of ‘democratic market neo-communism’: the point is that we have strained too hard over the classic proletarian revolution legacy which didn’t really work. We have considered instead (with, to be sure, a working class focus in our universal class) way to bring communism to liberalism and liberalism to communism: it would simplify the whole confused question that drives leftists to tear their hair over muddled theories, the question of Lenin and Bolshevism, etc…The public isn’t going to stand for any of that and a communist left must answer any charges here based on the Russian revolution with the clear disavowal of that past, and of marxism as such. ‘That’s not our perspective’ must be the answer to the inevitable challenge based on that past. It is futile to dwell on it: we must seize the future, assuming it is not too late, and create a postcapitalist system of some kind that resolves the social democratic issues once and for all and which can focus on the ecological imperatives of the future.
A system that is robust enough to change its focus (even as it guarantees a set of economic rights) to no growth type of economy (is necessary). Our two manifestos have created one such path.

But we need to warn marxists they need to deconvert from a failed legacy and adopt a streamlined platform that doesn’t have to justify a useless past of failures.


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