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liberating socialism from conceptual straight jackets…//Socialism, Land and Banking: 2017 Compared to 1917

October 22nd, 2017 · No Comments

We almost need a new terminology: the term ‘socialism’ is stuck with a dated set of concepts in a void such as that of Marx’s refusal to be specific.
We have tried this using our idea of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ and this might help to re-fix a socialist framework beyond the failed legacies of the past. This different formulation is not in total contrast to alternatives: it is a remorphed version of what we already have: the main issue is the expropriation of private property/capital. In that framework we move easily in a new direction and yet one that is a series of definite transformations of a liberal democracy: communism applied to liberalism, liberalism applied to communism.
It is suddenly clear that the fate of capitalism is sealed: at some point we won’t ever care if socialism is inefficient, we need to simply survive. But in fact there is no reason why a robust economic system can’t be constructed on socialist principles. The reign of marxist abstractions has confused the issues all along…

Source: Socialism, Land and Banking: 2017 Compared to 1917

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