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science flunks the free will question…?//Dawkins and Krauss on free will « Why Evolution Is True

October 22nd, 2017 · No Comments

Science as we know it suffers a major failing: the inability to resolve the issue of free will. You would the thinking of Kant and Schopenhauer might be at least considered. But such thinkers are banned from the discussion in the rigid mindset of so-called scientists.
Is that unfair? Perhaps, because the problem itself is probably beyond solution in closed form. The question of free will is not the same as the question of will! In fact the real psychology of man is beyond the range of current science. The debate goes on and on, and that is evidence of its antinomial character. The issue of behaviorism looms: without free will man is a diminished robot. There is another dimension to the discussion: free will is potential and man must ‘realize his will’….

Source: Dawkins and Krauss on free will « Why Evolution Is True

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