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Backward kitbitzing: the stupidity of bolshevik/stalinist tactics…

October 30th, 2017 · No Comments

Our previous post is a good moment to disown the whole bolshvik/stalinist paralysis of thought that ended in lead boots. Our DMNC is no miracle solution, but it allows viable outcomes that can generate voluntary transitions beyond capitalism.

The question of the design of a communist system was systematically bungled by the Bolsheviks and then by Stalin. One winces at the stupidity of the whole operation, not that our formulation is guaranteed to work. The question itself is obviously tricky and the void left by marxism leading to state capitalism was a total failure of theory.

One is left to ask, why try to collectivize the lands of the kulaks? Madness. In that case, simply declare private property annexed to the Commons and then let sleeping dogs lie by making former owners stewards of a public trust subject to incremental changes and regulations. The integration of entities into a new system requires its evolution and careful treatment, and any group that can produce food needs a measured support, etc…To be sure, experiments in large-scale collective action are not obviously out of consideration, but they should have to be experimental inventions almost on the sidelines, to start. And they could never succeed in the incompetent manner of Stalin/bolsheviks. There are no magic solutions to the complexity of reorienting toward communist systems but the Russian case was braindead from the start.

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