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The left, new age-ism and Advaita…and class struggles…

November 10th, 2017 · No Comments


The question of Indic spiritual history might well serve as a challenge to the (marxist) left to study a global religious subject in a new light, away from the perilous muddle of xtianity and islam.
My account done in passing might be called a take on ‘shell shocked Advaita’ and while a bit disrespectul might serve as a venue to a new leftist critique of religion. One without the gross bias that distorts its sense and significance.
To critique religion is one thing but the strategy to replace it with historical materialism is an out of date fantasy of marxist scientism.
The issue of religion won’t go away, neither in the wake of Feuerbach or of the New Atheists.

Although I am not a conventional theist I am critical of much atheism and the subject of Advaita (which actually gets cited by Sam Harris of all people) shows a perspective that does equally well with multiple versions of ‘god jargon’, or better yet, none at all. The status of Advaita is left entirely open in my ‘designed crazy’ approach which is really a larger discussion than anything to do with Advaita.
In many ways the world of hinduism is a huge class struggle in the way the Aryan entry into India turned primordial Shaivism into a brahmin monopoly (outrageous) and imposed the law of caste on an invaded people. New Age fans of yoga don’t quite see this gross distortion of history or that a figure such as Shankara was quite the caste apologist…

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