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R48G: should the red forty-eight group take over the dsa…(dem socs of a.)?

November 15th, 2017 · No Comments

We are well past halloween but it’s the scary thought in the title that counts. Actually the dsa could do the left a service if in the midst of its relatively open-house structure: it could attempt to promote a new post-marxist era, one that can if it wishes refresh stale marxist ideology, or move to something new. We have a ton of material here on all aspects of the subject.
The left has no real choice here and the issue of marxism is terminal. But the rubble of marxism has a lot of useful, well, rubble. Marxists are very acute on many subjects as long as they stay away from theory.
A dialectical approach is essential in our sense of the term: a spectrum of dualistic debates, a range of potential ideologies and a meta stance toward all…
Our Last and First Men has a lot of new thinking, a complete package in fact, perhaps to radical for current radicals.

Let’s consider a list of issues:

we need to consider
basic philosophic positions: the history of philosophy can replace materialism
a version of Bennett style universal materialism
a research project on three term systems and post-dialectic
entry into the trenches of quantum field theory/string theory/quantum mech, there to either discard materialism or if you can’t refute ’em join ’em…
an enquiry into consciousness and some ability to communicate with or rebut the flood of new age thinking on consciousness
an updated secularism able to deal with the history of religion
a new view of history and evolution and some inkling as to the passing of darwinism
the ability to table the net equivalent of religion with its own instant reformation and supercharged secularism
a study of man as a conscious being with the potential to free will, generally, the ‘will’ in man
pilfering from sufism repackaged as neo-post-ur-marxism…
packaged version of stuff marx/engels got right, viz. questions of class, ideology, etc…
post-leninist revolutionism
a comprehensive critique of bolshevism
finally, the facts of the leninist revolution…finally, an account with the facts…

practical blueprint of postcapitalism, viz. neo-communism, we have two manifestos here…be my guest…dem socs of a. unite!

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