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R48G: the marxist analysis of religion is notably inadequate

November 17th, 2017 · No Comments

The idea of a leftist ‘cult’ of planetary Gaia is amusingly apt.

In practice the idea would surely decay into a religious monstrosity but, as with our ‘virtual church of the Holy Brick. In the final analysis the left is going to inherit the secular initiative to both ‘debrief’ and replace religion and that has to be something better than the materialist reductionism of the positivist era of Feuerbach and the post-Hegelian period. Marxists have failed to see that the issue was addressed before Marx, but in a broad dialectical spectrum by Kant/Hegel/Schopenhauer. And we can see how a figure like J.G.Bennett, amidst the failure of his particular attempted update to religion via a sufistic rationalism, ended up inexorably in this field of the ‘big three’. If there is one thing men are going to screw up it is the field of religion and the only safe approach is to distance oneself from the whole subject with a reserve that can remain a descriptive field rather than a new hype trying to deal with the sacred (guffaw). But the fact remains that there is a simple solution to these mysteries: a genuinely dialectical reflection on the whole spectrum rather than creating a new system of faith.
Whatever the case the marxist analysis of religion is notably inadequate and has done a disservice to the left that has subjected it to discredit.

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