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R48G: the revolutionary option

November 17th, 2017 · No Comments

R48G: what if non-violence isn’t the answer?

I condemn Hodgkinson but what did the Republicans expect…?

We have repeated cautioned against the revolutionary option with a stance on what we called ‘virtual revolution’.

But we need to face the fact that, impossible or not, the chances of revolution must be considered in the context of an evolutionary path the latter growing elusive as the right consolidates a totalitarian control system…We consistently critiqued the chances of the impossible revolution, but pointed out that this situation has accompanied all earlier revolutions that have succeeded. We must be mindful that the American system tokens evidence of the terminal condition of its culture, politics and economy. The crisis of climate change is going to destabilize the whole game and a new left needs to be ready.
I think our distinction of universal and working class can help here: I frankly doubt that the working class is going to show revolutionary potential, in the US. We have proposed a combination that can create a working class focus insider a more general combination of classes.

The point is that the only revolutionaries are those who have adopted radical/evolutionary/revolutionary views and this doesn’t correspond to a particular class.
Why not accept the obvious and consider the creation of a vanguard inside the universal class based on a set of principles that are socialist, neo-communist and democratic moving to act not on the promotion of the working class but on a set of principles that create a new system of economy, politics, culture in which there is a built in set of tactics to prevent the creation of a new revolutionary class.
There are many possibilities and this approach would allow an embrace of multiple viewpoints, viz. the working class party solution. It is obvious that the left fusses ad infinitum over the creation of a working class party but in the US this never works because the class situation is too scrambled for that to achieve focus. In any case the American population is so brainwashed that a new approach is needed to wrest the situation from inertia.
The point of the universal class is that a new society must reset its axioms from scratch and this requires a consideration of a manifold of issues, among them climate change, no growth economics, trade relations between global working classes, the nature of democratic politics and its reform…


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