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The eonic effect and fine-tuning?

November 18th, 2017 · No Comments

We cite the fine-tuning argument in WHEE without any endorsement as such, but a suspicious that evolution, including the ‘evolution’ of civilization, is part of a larger directionality or teleology in the universe. In andy case there is something very mysterious about the ‘eonic effect’ and it leaves a strong sense of design even as it debunks the ‘god in history’ meme. Design doesn’t require a designer and can be a kind of mysterious ‘attractor’ that seems to act from the future. In any case, we don’t have the right kind of theoretical tools yet to deal with such questions.

The Goldilocks Enigma Paul Davies in The Goldilocks Enigma asks, Why does the universe seem so well-suited to life? Is this not really the answer to its own question: the transition from Big History to Universal History is effected by this ‘fine-tuning’ emerging in the Big Bang itself. Physics itself, although physicists are reluctant to admit it, gives us a hint of the mechanism beyond natural selection. This insight has been confused by metaphysical design arguments. But the empirical basis for a consideration of evolutionary directionality, beyond random evolution, is there.[ii]

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