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Streek’s How Will Capitalism End?

November 24th, 2017 · No Comments

This discussion of Streek’s book, How Will Capitalism End? is perhaps too pessimistic. Part of the problem is that the legacy of the second international is one of failure and wrong theory with a reputation it can’t live down. The problem then is that its great momentum has been lost: a new formulation is needed that can gain popular support. Labour in Britain, and the coming of socialist Sanders shows that the interest is there, but these are social democratic movements within their own capitalist limits. We have suggested that marxism evolve beyond itself to a new theory of history, a realistic economic analysis, and a caesura with its failed past.
We have proposed in two manifestos a way to do all this that is open to either evolutionary or revolutionary transitions. In the final analysis an evolutionary left must propose something that can be popular enough to reach the level of a constitutional amendment action, and that can’t happen with the remnants of bolshevism still dominating marxist discussions. Sanders shows, despite the social democratic confusion wrapped in the talk of ‘socialism’ can appeal to large numbers of people, so this is not unrealistic.

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