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Xtianity: going going…not yet gone…debriefing xtianity…

November 30th, 2017 · No Comments


One of the ironies on the left is the way secular humanism has nearly revived xtianity and rescued it from its final demise. A good example there is in the Darwin debate, totally muddled by creationists, but with cogent critique (originally ‘secular’) of darwinism as an ideology.
More generally the rise of atheism, although in one way a liberating aspect of modernity, has not really dealt with the issue of the xtian mystery which may require expose as a tissue of mythology but which also contains an enigma that falls short of understanding. The problem is that if we debunk xtianity we get a new set of questions as a result: what spiritual power, if any, stood behind its genesis?
A broader question lies in the question of the Axial Age and the evolutionary mystery of religion. The left needs to take a step beyond Feuerbach and enter the ‘debriefing of xtianity’ in a new and more intelligent way. In fact the starting point for that is already there: Kant, Schopenhauer, Hegel, etc…

We already have a book Debriefing Santana Dharma, perhaps we should create another book, Debriefing xtianity…

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