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The eonic effect: failed historical materialism and collapsing christianity…a refuge for both

December 4th, 2017 · No Comments

The eonic effect (http://history-and-evolution.com) is a very elaborate study of world history with a combined framework of empirical chronology and proto-theoretical modeling that is somewhat speculative but which can be streamlined to a broad spectrum of interpretations in a remarkable concert of opposites.

It has the potential for a post-theoretical perspective that is nonetheless open to theoretical sidelines. And these can encompass a broad family of different viewpoints: the materialist emphasis of marxism can easily find a home in this discussion of modernity with its clear discussion of the rise of revolutionary modernism and this beyond the unsuccessful use of ‘dialectic’ as a tool of explanation. Equally the spiritual viewpoint of religionists such as the christian can find a passage into and through secularism with a debriefing of the myths of the old testament and a contextual suggestion about the entirely obscure history of the christian religion. An explanation of the remarkable israelite history in terms of the eonic effect and the ‘axial age’ could bridge the ‘superstition gap’ with a view of history open to elements of science without scientism with a larger perspective on the ‘evolution’ of religion. The eonic effect stands beyond materialist and spiritual figments with a systems approach that transcends such opposites.
The analysis shows that christianity is in decline (fairly obvious) due to the epochal shift that recycles religion but this can be an opportunity as much as a liability. The marxist viewpoint despite its initials failures points to an historical outcome in the ascendant, and not unrelated to religion, in the context of capitalist globalization and the crisis of economic class warfare.
This situation suggests (as did the reformation with its paired calvinist/capitalist and munzerian communist outcomes) that a core christian remainder (already visible in, viz. the austere quaker construct) a completely secularized postchristian that nonetheless retains a robust equivalent to the considerations of the spiritual. A version of christian communism in a post-theistic (but not necessarily atheist) movement able to confront the capitalist nightmare would be a good exit path for the collapsing faith doomed to epochal demise or transformation. The question of the ‘Jesus’ figure and the ‘christ’ require a careful agnosticism and we have suggested (in Enigma of the Axial Age) a new way to discuss issues of ‘god’, ‘spiritual action’, spiritual or religious evolution, and the nature of the gaian planetary system in terms of its generation of life in relation to matter, and the materiality of the spiritual beyond life.
We have very little proof that a ‘jesus’ figure even existed but we can with a deft use of the extended eonic effect suggest the elegant and mysterious ‘larger action’ of so-called spiritual powers operating a complex ‘play’ on a ‘savior’ figure.

A streamlined version of the eonic effect reduces to simple discussions of historical chronicles with a slight flavor of theory and can be used without dogmatism as rough frameworks for multiple otherwise conflicting perspectives. To be able to change gears between marxism in some successor and christianity in some successor is not the least of its uses.

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