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Facing reality: the revolutionary option…Downton Abbey and other fascist phantasms…

December 6th, 2017 · No Comments

Trump’s idiocies, crimes, and botched/fascist presidential parodies are close to generating a revolutionary option as, well, the main option. There is, to be sure, a lot to be said against that. Our idea of virtual revolution needs to be exposed as a way to allow the fainthearted, and intelligent skeptics, to at least consider what would be required to make virtuality historical.
The real problem is that the left is too disorganized to provide a real alternative. And the only sector that is organized, to some degree, has a platform that is no longer viable. So the first step in an already confused situation is the challenge to the legacy marxists to ‘shit or get off the pot’. In fact, they sense their unpopularity and are reluctant to move beyond sloganeering.
It would so simple to break up marxism and reassemble a new upgrade, but the hardened dogma inherited by the earlier phases/internationals is almost like a version of religion.
But in the final analysis, or the next to last, the current world situation, now rendered almost absurdly dysfunctional by the Trump figure, has a long list of pro’s against con’s for a revolutionary option whether or not it is ‘really realistic’ to proceed down that path. But the elite bourgeoisie with Trump seems to be almost at the point of testing what they can get away with. Given the passivity of the left the answer is, quite a lot indeed.

This week we are witnessing the strange aabotage of the american economy and the plan to undo the social safety net. The right barely seems to care about public opinion because they know what they can get away with. Indeed, the left seems to have lost its working class.
So much for proletarian revolution.

There are multiple ways beyond this morass but the mechanized thought process on the left, next to a genuine and understandable equivocation as to the revolutionary option, has set the whole field to turning in circles. But the moment of truth is coming as the right, in the US and elsewhere, is emboldened to regress to some version of Downton Abbey, Putinesque and/or democratic veneer fascism, next to what it already has: covert mafias, imperialist war mongering for profit, and ecological insanity and crime.

To the Gandhian pious out there, the abolition of slavery required a Civil War.

I took a look at Downton Abbey a while back and was so repelled I couldn’t watch it. But after reading somewhere that the servant class, pace Britain, was actually larger than the working class (?) I took at look at the PBS series and was moderately impressed by a sociological portrait of a world that has actually passed away (I think, I haven’t checked British Great Estates recently). Because of the high quality of PBS productions the series tends to befool the viewer even as it portrays what now seems like a grotesque case ‘class struggle that didn’t happen’, the totally brainwashed Butler syndrome. The point is that one must speculate this production is no accident: this is what the right intends for the future after all social safety nets are undone, not quite in the brit form perhaps. It seems like the gruesome series is really an attempt at prophecy: the 1% will soonbe demanding the working class ‘know its place’. It is hard to watch is series without wincing, to put it mildly.
It is worth noting that although the sociological legacy here is obviously medieval in origin, a great deal of the whole Great Estates/servant class phenomenon arises in the wake of the ‘Glorious Revolution’ and especially the take off the capitalist Industrial Revolution.

If the prospect of a Downton future doesn’t radicalize you, you are far gone indeed… This is to be sure slightly alarmist: that world did pass away and the series gives a reasonable if incomplete insight into that: a restoration is highly unlikely and yet the equivalent could try to come into being. In fact, the ‘end of history’ argument of reactionaries fails here: there is a related tide of equalization that will likely produce some kind of communism, finally.
Downton Abbey

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