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A deliberate distortion of views

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This wiki is one of the grossest slanders one can imagine. I tried to correct the mistakes a few years ago but the original lies were restored.

For the record:
Education: I have a considerable scientific and mathematical knowledge and once taught Newtonian mechanics (British A level) in the Peace Corps

The text of World History and The Eonic Effect makes explicit use of the terms ‘macroevolution’ and ‘microevolution’

I am not a theist or creationist and do not endorse the ‘intelligent design’ perspective. however the evidence of ‘design’ in world history is overwhelming and raises the question of teleology…
Mutation has everything to do with evolution but the possibility of nonrandom mutation lingers (and is being increasingly investiagated)
Natural selection is an aspect of microevolution, but is critiqued as a false theory of macroevolution.

This kind of deliberate lying and distortion is typical of the Darwinist groupie camp…

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