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R48G: realist views of revolution

December 8th, 2017 · No Comments

R48G: how could the left stage a revolution? (should the circumstance arise…)
July 15th, 2017 ·

You may preface the term with ‘virtual’ if you like.

In fact, the odds of staging a revolutionary passage seems stacked but the tactics should be considered anyway:

violence, non-violence
exposes of gandhian thinking
studies of the history of revolution
study of the failure of the 2nd international
study of the lenin/stalin confusion
study of militarization of police, etc..

grounds for revolutionary action
marches (without black bloc, yet they can’t be controlled): these should be non-violent and within the law
terrorist action, proposed, ‘terrorism’ lite (I have received suggestions of slashing tires of SUV’s, NOT)
history of terrorism
guerilla war, underground cadres (battle of algiers redux)
action from without, an international: victims of american imperialism staging an anti-colonial war against imperial america
public displays of virtual revolution…

platform needed: postmarxist framing, but neo-communist axioms, postcapitalism…

fill in the blanks and start thinking about what happens after the Berniacs blow another $200 million on electoral fantasies…(that money belongs to the left, bernie)…

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