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blind to the Axial Age

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Archive: blind to the Axial Age
April 18th, 2017 ·

We discussed The Big Picture yesterday (by Sean Caroll) and we can refine our basic challenge to the failure of scientists to explain evolution, the failure of that explanation of human evolutiona and nature, and the failure to answer to the issue of the emergence of values…

As to the latter the eonic effect shows how values are central to the core dynamics of history. We can’t reduce history, and therefore probably, evolution to pure fact. Values enter, and probably have a default form even at the level of basic physics

‘Reality’ doesn’t just process causally, but seems to process a unity called ‘causality/freedom’

It is very hard, but probably not impossible, to explain human evolution (and that would lead to a generalization for ‘animals’) in standard evolutionary terms. Human consciousness is a complex instrument far beyond the simple animal awareness from which it springs

The modern period issued a warning against the coming failure of physics with Kant (among others)…Modern science hasn’t heeded the warning and enforces a strong Iron Cage mentality

The issue of values is connected with a hidden teleological factor, detectable in history…Science’s failure to deal with teleology is a strong objection to its dogmatism

Scientists cannot seem to grasp the way a pseudo-science of economics has been created out of a parody of calculus…

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