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More useless blah blah about the lost cause ‘labor theory of value’…

December 10th, 2017 · No Comments

Re: [Marxism] [lbo-talk] Johanna Bockman – The Long Road to 1989 Neoclassical Economics, Altern ative Socialisms, and the Advent of Neoliberalism
The question of the labor theory of value is completely useless (and the marginalist argument is hardly better).
It is almost impossible to hope that marxists can free themselves from the whole sophistical legacy involving defending the sacred Canon and saintly Marx. Marx’s theories don’t constitute a scientific worth defending to the last man. Instead, a complete restart is needed that is freed from Marx’s obsessive theories.
A new economics is needed that doesn’t kowtow to bolshevism/marxism and which can be open to a post-cultic postmarxist…
Our critique is of the theory, the labor theory of value. What it represents is the most obvious insight into exploitation, the difference between work done and wages paid…an empirical set of givens…
While marxists obsess over the past here, the opportunity for a new initiative is being lost…

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