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December 11th, 2017 · No Comments

The american system is no longer a democracy….
December 23rd, 2015 ·

Socialists and communists have missed the point that, let’s switch to the idea of neo-communism, the crisis of capitalism points to the crisis of democracy, and that the transition to a (new) communism, i.e. dealing with post-capitalism, requires remorphing the democratic revolutions of the early modern. What form of neo-communism would win an election? The question is a useful guide to a new populist movement.
But let’s dispense with sentimental democracy to cite the ‘real thing’ by noting that the US government has such a long list of crimes, and the democratic process is so dubious, that, if we can prove closely that reform is virtually impossible, we can shift to the revolutionary path. Further, the climate denial forces, including politicians in Wash/DC, are so close to creating calamity that all bets are off politically. Every revolutionary (process) for him/itself. Marx’s emphasis on the proletariat could end up being anti-democratic. We need a ‘universal class’ to represent all class and to be the inheritor of class in a transition to a classless society. In any case the democratic argument fails at the point where classes included economically are excluded politically: coltan miners in the Congo, Foxconn workers in China, garment sweatshops in Bangaladesh. So ‘majority’ votes in local zones suddenly become frauds, no democracy at all…We can also argue that mind control is a function of multiple factors: e.g. advertising budgets and that voting is not free in a funding freeforall of special interests (capital)…
So we are proceeding in a vacuum, that is a non-democratic context…. It is ceasing to be valid to set the american system as the standard of democracy…

Let’s introduce the heresy route on the sidelines: viz. a global system of federated states could be communist in foundation but allow a great deal of local autonomy, and would even be able to allow forms of the market at a lower level. A federated global system is impossible to imagine, but there is no other solution in the end: the american system has invented an infernal set of overseas proletariats severely exploited in distant lands…

Note thus that the American system has very little relevance to the demand for democracy at this point. The issue of communism is that of the bourgeosie, capital, and its many well-analyzed problems: the solution is global post-capitalism, as a rough generalization proceeding from a minimum to higher levels of control.
We don’t need total control of everything.
We can posit a neo-communism that regulates all industrial properties at a certain scale…

Heresy #2: a neo-communist system could allow private functioning of publicly owned industries??
Heresy #?…
One should insist also, beyond various heresies that directed control of economic systems can’t be as impossible as claimed. I think the Von Mises realm has made its point. Our answer finally is that we don’t need to bother with calculation debates with obsessive precision. That argument has resulted in making market domination irrational and totalitarian, cf. the TPP…
A neo-communist needs a lot of new political entities: government control of industry? doubtful: mixed government would be better, with courts of new types to regulate the issues. The idea of one dictator or party to control an economy is over and done with.
A system of complex rights would suddenly make the whole thing possible.
A general rationale for neo-communism is easy to find: capitalists take from the commons to create private property: they must in the end return everything to the commons…

Etc…this shows how we throw words around but don’t define anything. We can’t adopt the older tactic of not defining anything until the ‘revolution’. That was disastrously…

A genuinely populist new communism would ride the tide of pubic support with a politics that works, elections that work, politicians that are not corrupt as in the american system.
A populist program would deal with questions of jobs, education, etc… in a way that would almost guarantee support….

Whatever the case the current system isn’t democracy….

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