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Idea of (neo-) communism making a comeback?!

December 13th, 2017 · No Comments

The idea of communism is making a come back as the neo-liberal system slides into a form of insanity. It is important to remain critical of the classic legacy and propose a robust economics of socialism in side a democratic framework…
Two Manifestos

Reflections on Anti-Communism

Anti-communism, it seems, is losing some of its currency.

None of the familiar red-baiting tricks doomed Bernie Sanders’s run for the presidency. And among young people, whose memory of the Soviet Union is hazy at best, anti-communism appears a fusty old doctrine, a historical artifact with no real relevance.

Yet for the better part of the twentieth century, anti-communism permeated international politics. The American public was given an image of the world as split into two camps — one free, one tyrannical. At its most frenzied, the anti-communist mind conjured up a metastasizing evil, hell-bent on world domination.

In the following essay — which first appeared in the 1984 edition of Socialist Register — Ralph Miliband and Marcel Liebman explore the historic uses of anti-communism and debunk some of the myths animating it.

Liebman and Miliband were no apologists for Soviet Communism. Committed radicals, they deplored the Soviet Bloc’s lack of democratic rights as an abridgment of basic socialist principles.

But they also recognized that the major capitalist powers — particularly the United States — deployed anti-communism to stamp out popular movements abroad and tarnish some of the most dogged opponents of oppression at home. Landlords and anti-union bosses, not workers and democratic partisans, were the benefactors of anti-communist crusades.

On the centennial of the Russian Revolution, Miliband and Liebman’s reflections are still worth reading.

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