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R48G: a social indictment

December 15th, 2017 · No Comments

from last summer:
There is no better opportunity than the present to make a decision to move beyond capitalism.

We are selling humanity’s future for a mess of pottage, smartphone innovations ad infinitum…commodity fetishism reigns over a moment of transitionThe least of worries, who cares: the larger system of capitalism is dysfunctional, and cannot correct its basic destructive tendencies.
It cannot deliver economic justice and is showing signs of regression. With Ayn Rand, it turned crackpot to make insanity its best case, one must guess…
It has destroyed almost the whole of the planets resources and is now intent on destroying its own creations, a middle class. After all of this effort in a void, poverty is returning…

We need to start now with a neo-communist platform (plus and/or minus marxist thinking/errors) to be ready at the end game. that can start with people stating their dissents with current marxism, to drive the game to self-reinvention.

A first step is to see that neo-classical economics, the basis for capitalist ideology, is a mathematical fraud…we are not required to submit to its fake theorems…

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