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R48G: reflections on virtual revolution…

December 15th, 2017 · No Comments

Everything about our situation almost screams out a demand for a social order of politics:

a president almost trying to sabotage democracy, government, international relations, and economy…

the destruction of regulatory basics
a set of crimes against humanity
a hidden fascist capture by israelis and jewish lobby
a crisis of neo-liberalism and globalization
a crisis of capitalism as a growth economy
a crisis of artificial intelligence undermining a jobs economy
a corrupt political system that is no longer democratic
a set of covert agencies that are criminal mafias
a military industrial complex generating wars to buttress a war economy
a crisis of climate change that demands immediate action in a context of a president who destroyed a climate treaty and its environmental agencies

You tell me: can this situation be reformed? The current left hopes against hope to elect Bernie four years from now to face a deadlocked government.
We should assume we are electorally stuck with calamity and that as so obvious with Trump the situation will continue to go from bad to worse…
Since we can’t manufacture a new left so easily we can at least begin:
a new version beyond marxism of its essential issues upgraded with new language and new perspectives
this will among other things stop kneejerk reactions to anything even remotely sounds like a quote from Marx in its tracks
a complete break in this respect with the classic legacies of the 2nd international and its successors
no more Marx quotes, Lenin eulogies, bolshevik justifications, etc…starting from scratch, the adjective marxist can no longer be used (except historically)
We need to bootstrap a new evolutionary to revolutionary path in a series of steps that may not reach a revolution but which has to be better than social democratic burnout
We need a blueprint, at least, for such a revolution along with a specific system to replace what we have…

etc….Many will not be able to accept a revolutionary potential, but at least do not peddle second rate goods and solutions…
Bootstrapping will at least at least bring the situation to the threshold. And we have to reinvent social change. ‘revolution’ is phenomenon of the early modern and had an ‘eonic boost’ in our sense. In the wake of that we must reconstruct everything with careful deliberation. But in the end the emergence of freedom has been revolutionary. We have been delivered by many confusions into Gandhian sentimentality.
archive: R48G: NOT our president…the stark reality of a revolutionary option…passive americans complicit in Trump’s crime against humanity…
June 30th, 2017 ·


We confront an almost grotesque situation between a lunatic climate denial pseudo-president, elected in a fraud, and a stark deadline for a response to emerging climate catastrophe. This situation once seemed to be incipient fascism, but in an irony the situation seems to be provoking a revolutionary response, at least in a kind of virtual perspective. The almost absolute provocation demands something the left is unable to provide, in part because its leadership is not able to rise to the occasion.
We have passed the point at which our submission to conventional politics is a relevant ‘duty’ even as the prospect of a revolutionary initiative seems to fade into thin air. In part the marxist left has failed to upgrade their platform and yet monopolizes revolutionary rhetoric.

We have suggested reflection on the idea of ‘virtual revolution’ to consider the ‘last chance option’.

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