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The wilful obstruction of emergency action

December 20th, 2017 · No Comments

R48G: Not Our President: climate catastrophe and the wilful obstruction of emergency action
May 26th, 2017 ·

It is almost impossible to grasp how the US could have so derailed at a moment of crisis.

This situation is somehow rigged but the intangible solution to that riddle (suggested several times here) eludes us: we can only assume that a ‘fascism’ manque has overtaken the american so-called republic.
As a result it is almost beyond belief that the US government would attempt to dismantle its EPA, etc…

We need something more than protest marches here: we need to at least realize that we have been given the grounds as a right and a duty to confront an entire regime. We should, even if we demur at revolution, construct a virtual revolutionary scenario for a new constitutional system. The whole spectrum of left activist as it is now is mostly a feckless coteries of limp radicals.

Trump’s crime against humanity is the effective end of the american republic and signals the need (as foreseen by the founding fathers) for a reconstructive transition. We need at the least to forestall the wild goose chase of ‘democracy’ by aiming for ‘real democracy’, a formulation classically associated with radical economic populism and rights and not just the legal fraud of the old liberalism which was a conspiracy to yield power to a bourgeoisie…

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