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December 20th, 2017 · No Comments

R48G: revolution as thought experiment to enforce comprehensive platform thinking
October 10th, 2017 ·
We have challenged the idea of non-violence with a lot of promotion of revolutionary options, but just in case we don’t have that option, yet, the fact remains that a challenge to the system can from the perspective of virtual revolution achieve a turning point in the whole crisis impinging on the american and international system. Those who propound non-violence should then get about the business of protests against capitalism.
We see only very limited leftist initiatives beyond a few stylized issue platforms. The current system is actually close to being rotten and its overwhelming strength is misleading. We are in fact reaching a turning point in modern civilization, hastened by the calamity of climate catastrophe. Despite our critiques of marxism we have picked out the original idea appearing virtually in concert with the industrial/capitalist globalization sequence that whole outcome was going to be problematical. And so history shows this to be so. And the demonstration of the failure of bolshevism notwithstanding the process of moving to an era beyond classic capitalism is crystallizing once again as the theoretical questions of a new form of economy begin to become clear. The era of neoliberalism was based on the completely moronic constructions of the bolsheviks as a reassertion of the magic of markets. After 1989 and Fukuyama even leftists tended to be suckered by that propaganda and indeed looking at many of the debates over market socialism we can see that leftists were on the defensive and couldn’t quite figure the economic issues. But those issues were the object of a miscompute by the older generation. At this point those debates seem irrelevant. It is clear that markets totally unregulated are a potential catastrophe and at the worst a postcapitalist dictatorship could avert catastrophe. We don’t propose that at all, and have created a framework that is communist without completely abolishing ‘markets’ and this is not the same as the often confused notions of ‘market socialism’. Our democratic market neo-communism completely resolves the question by creating a ‘remorphable’ version of what we know into something new and yet echoing the old. This approach refutes the idea of communism as utopian: it is a complex variant of ‘primitive liberalism’ with its domination by capitalism. It is hard to see how the idea of the ‘end of history’ could have scored so many converts. It is far more obvious in retrospect that the whole idea of free markets was at best an experiment, at worse a malignancy but at the same time this without totally rejecting the market phenomenon. The latter was a set of experimental innovations that rapidly become a kind of fetish of bad economic theory. It was obvious enough until bolshevism gave ammunition to a neoliberal reaction. We should try to recover balance and sanity here, beyond the flaws of marxism and the outright theorectical fraud of neoclassical economics. Creating a system of hybrid markets/communism in the foundation of a Commons should never have derailed into utopian pros and cons. It a liberal system is possible then a neo-communist system is equally realizable and at this point we have no choice given the calamity underway but to try something new.

At the minimum a confrontational framework is entirely possible for an evolutionary perspective that eschews ‘revolution’ and it is high time the saintly gandhians consider how to proceed toward the de facto equivalent of ‘revolution’. But in this destabilizing system we confront now the revolutionary option may resurface with a vengeance.

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