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The universal class

January 4th, 2018 · No Comments

R48G: the universal class versus the working class…
March 7th, 2017 ·

The left is driving itself crazy over the question of the working class. We have suggested a new way of looking at the issue on several grounds. First, the working class has fallen out of shape: in the US it is really a form of the middle class, a point that should be examined and open to challenge, of course. But the point is that the working class has no real revolutionary potential in this country.
The left would do better, and it would actually be more fair, to consider the whole mix of classes and offer a movement with tactics and appeals to all of them. And in general to consider a revolutionary/electoral path to a new form of society, a society of equals, or of those on the way to equality in a system that is designed on a set of principles not just on some figment of the working class taking power. Why should the working class take power? The origin of the notion is very clear if we examine the era of Marx/Engels formulating their take on the questions of the French socialists and in the wake of the revolutions of 1848: the class basis of these revolutions was their acute analysis.
But at this point we need a more generalized format, and there is no reason this can’t turn around and create a platform for the ‘working class’ at one and the same time.
But we are involved in an historical crisis that outstrips the needs of the working class. We confront apart from anything else a crisis of civilization in the destruction of social ecology by climate change, i.e. by capitalism…The idea that the working class would overthrow capitalism doesn’t seem to have panned out.
As noted here many times a better approach is the self-selection of anyone from any class who will commit to a movement or social aggregate that is committed to a socialist/communist platform, one that will explicitly plan for/commit to the working class, next to all other classes. The issue is not really the economics of the working class but the issue of equality of economic outcomes, etc…

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