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Three aspects of state and freedom

January 8th, 2018 · No Comments

We see in terms of the ‘eonic effect’ three related steps in progression: we can express this in terms of the idea of freedom:

the onset of states: freedom within the state
the onset of democracy: freedom from the state
the search for a way to reconcile a contradiction…

We can see the way the second phase began in antiquity in the period of the Greeks. But this never survived the larger trend in antiquity toward empire.
The democratic revolution revives in the modern transition…
The third factor is visible at the start in the early modern but comes to the fore in the rise of socialism/anarchism dialectic.

This a clue for those puzzled by the failures of the modern left, although all the pieces of the puzzle are in place in the nineteenth century…

We are in search of a state that reconciles top down and bottom up tendencies. This dialectic can help to see why the era of bolshevism so confusingly betrayed the grand progression. Reconciling socialism and democracy and this in terms of a postcapitalist economy seems to be the challenge, and this is more than the economic fundamentalism of the left…

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