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Why is politics stuck in machiavellian low gear?

January 10th, 2018 · No Comments

The downfall of modern politics…//Our House of Cards
July 15th, 2017 ·
This essay speaks for itself so we will use it as a foil for an ‘off the wall’ rewrite of modern politics: the netflix series is a constructed yet cogent villain/snapshot of a modern politician and one must ask what has lead to the degeneration of modern politics?

We should note Machiavelli and the confusion he has created: he arose before the emergence of modern politics (although his republicanism ended up being an influence): his advice is either realism or…a disaster that has wrecked modernity…
We should note Kant’s debate over lying and the response of Benjamin Constant…the problem here is that Kant was wrong…and right: lying has alienated the citizen from politics because he cannot gain information that is true about too much…
Marxism gives the appearance of eliminating ethics…correct? the kantian ethical socialists tried to intervene…
Stalinism speaks for itself as the ultimate failure…or is this correct?
We are back with Underwood, an artificial villain, but the verdict stands…
An ethical politics attempts to be reborn to the derision of the now terminal-case television news crowds…national security, 9/11 the inside job (and the lies lies lies on that), wars for profit, …

Source: Our House of Cards

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