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The US as the next world stage for postcapitalism?

January 11th, 2018 · No Comments

The US is in a sorry state, a real mess, and the grimest verdict is of a loss of intelligence (different from a lack of intelligence, except in its politicians, it seems). We see it obviously in Trump.
But a way out can come from doing something intelligent in the crisis of history that confronts America, and the world.
Our Two Manifestos make a point of trying to posit a new form of ‘communism in one coutnry’, but at one and the same time that is in the context of a new international or Global Union of allied postcapitalist systems.

The world has seen the Soviet/Russian screw up and it can only be hoped that the US could do it right, but the moment may be approaching when that will be a genuine option in progress.

A revolutionary international led by US?
October 19th, 2017 ·

We have suggested many times that if the US could enter a postcapitalist era it could also be in a position to redeem its crimes against humanity by leading a sane ‘international’…

The U.S. must, finally, move its economy from a war time footing to a peace time one. The real enemy today is not terrorism. The real war today is not a clash of civilizations. The real war today is the war that human civilization is waging against the biosphere. If we are to survive this war the U.S. is indispensable to that effort. She is the richest nation in the world. She is the most technologically advanced nation in the world. She is today spending close to a trillion dollars a year on the wrong war and so has ample discretionary income to transfer to the right war. She is also the foreign currency reserve for the world, and just as she recently printed trillions to save Wall Street from itself she can print trillions to save us from ourselves.

Source: America the Indispensable

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