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Our DMNC and the derailment of bolshevism

January 15th, 2018 · No Comments

The bolsheviks came to the point of trying to invent our DMNC but ended up in the sterile ‘stages of production’ fallacy…
Marxist ‘stages of production’ theory created a confusion that haunted the bolshevik revolution when in reality there shouldn’t have been a problem: that was the idea that communism could only come when capitalism had completed its phase, etc…

In reality any society whatever is always instantly ready for socialism/communism and the fallacy of capitalism as some inevitable stage of history has muddled the clarity of the early socialists.
If we study the English Civil War before the rise of bourgeois democratic ideology we can see that the emergence of democracy and the idea of communism were close companions in a chaotic mix. The coming of the Restoration shows how democracy became a casualty of the ‘bourgeois counterrevolution’. We have never gotten it straight since. And marxists have confused the issue with a mythology of capitalism.
Clearly the resolution is in principle simple: creating democracy requires a foundation of economic democracy. Here the idea of communism emerges, not as some stage of history, but as a set of assumptions about what democracy needs as a foundation. Our idea of neo-communism with a Commons of resources doesn’t require a capitalist phase of history: one should do the job right from the beginning, and democracy, economic development, and postcapitalism, but with markets, and planning, enter into a common framework from the start. In a way Marx and Engels realized this, at least in their 1848 phase, but somehow clarity was lost in the ruminations of historical materialism.

The point here is that any society at any stage can remorph toward communism and this is not in contradiction to the existence of markets. The polarization of concepts has confused the whole question…
So the bolsheviks ended up doing it our way but nonetheless came to think, especially with Stalin, that state control of the economy, and collectivism in general were the inevitable ‘next phase’. But the situation, pace our DMNC, should have been more integrated and flexible from the start. Russia is/was an almost candidate for our ‘democratic market neo-communism’ but derailed into the confused ‘stages of production’ thinking that didn’t even apply to their own situation.
What a lost opportunity…
We note in passing Lenin’s curious and curiouser ‘NEP’ moment…

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