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The eonic effect as an exit strategy for histomat fallacies…

January 15th, 2018 · No Comments


One of the strange ironies in the history of thought is that the biblical view of history remains superior to the misleading and fallacious historical materialism, a point to be taken with raised eyebrows, to be sure.
It is a point that secularists might understand better than jews/christians, because the issue isn’t ‘god acting in history’ but the enigma of ‘macrohistory’ sensed but distorted by the Israelites of the Axial Age in the construction of monotheism. The value of the eonic model is its debriefing of this irony and the return of history to a different form of materialist history; world history shows a mysterious interaction with a ‘spiritual’ factor that is an aspect of a higher, still to be discovered ‘material/spiritual’ teleological factor. An operational ‘atheism’ might be the best way to study this!
The question thus has nothing to do with the neo-pagan mythology of YHWH but the insightful way that the Israelites detected a transformation of history underway in the Axial interval. In retrospect the parallel emergence of an historical transformation in Archaic Greece gives us now a better insight into the Israelite perception and the secular perspective of the ‘eonic effect’ can unify the two contrary perspectives into a single model.
An economic history in this context would be easy to come and might help the left develop a broader perspective beyond economic historicism. The idea of the rise of a capitalist epoch has been confused with the rise of modernity but the two are different historical entities. In fact, seeing the two as distinct is essential for seeing a path beyond capitalism to a new and more democratic vision of the modern period.

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