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Marxist historical theory: a subtle flaw

January 22nd, 2018 · No Comments

R48G: quick costume change for marxist historicism
December 8th, 2017 ·

Our previous post on the issue of design in history suggests that the marxist ‘design’ argument is too limited.
We have recommended a version of the eonic model as a replacement.

This can be a minimalist version that is simply a chronicle of world history, but one that points to the definite if ambiguous evidence of rapid transitions.
This view simply catalogs the epochs visible: transitions and their in betweens or medieval periods: three visible since Egypt/Sumer

This can be taken empirically, with modernity as the hypothesized onset of a new epoch by whatever dynamic, a no-brainer actually.
In this context the study of economic history (next to technological history) makes better sense than the rigid framework of feudalism, capitalism, communism.

One aspect of historical design is the emergence of democracy, and the modern version is especially compelling. But the early socialists and then Marx/Engels pointed to the cooptation of democracy by capitalism and suggested democracy required both political and economic equality, another no-brainer after all this debate over ‘isms’.

The eonic version of marxist historicism is thus a simple, practical empirical model that can stage the issue of communism as an aspect of democratic realization and ecological economics.

The current brand of marxism claims that communism will inexorably succeed capitalism. But that won’t happen unless free agents decide to create a communist future. They can do this based on axioms of fairness, equality, and economic sanity, rather than with a clumsy and incorrect version of economic epochs.
But this then requires the assumption that men make themselves and can create a communist future.
Our models and manifestos suggest a social democratic blueprint done right: the equivocation over social democracy and/or ‘stalinist’ planning wrecked the old international. A much simpler approach using our eonic model can, stripped of jargon, provide a ‘clear water’ brand of non-theory and strong praxis…

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