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January 23rd, 2018 · No Comments

R48G: a revamped leftist platform has a definite supply and demand factor: the new generation is ready but can’t be asphyxiated by boilerplate zombies
July 17th, 2017 ·

We might start over/move on from our discourse on the ‘Red Forty-eight Group’, proceeding to the same subject all over again.

This ragged discourse began with the publication of Last and First Men but picked up steam from 2015 onward during the electoral cycle and as much due to the alarming acceleration of the climate crisis. The basic set of issues revolve around the suggestions for the need for a new postmarxist upgrade of the communist legacy. That was/is a hard sell and we may have failed to bring this off, but I wouldn’t underestimate the effect this has had on the left despite the refusal to say anything in public. I think we have made our point but the endlessly repetitive sloganeering of archaic marxist boilerplate proceeds apace. That’s merely the mechanization of thought in action and it can’t be helped and it can’t forestall the unconscious gestation of a paradigm shift on the way. One of the ironies here is that a challenge to the past can succeed even if it fails by bringing a sense of nervous doubt leading to a creative restatement of basic beliefs.

In a way it doesn’t matter: you can repeat old thought forms but with a difference: a sense of the need for a creative recompute can coexist with a frozen mindset starting to thaw.

Our concern here was the stark reality of marxist theories that don’t sell anymore beyond a chorus of the converted. Attempts to modify the past legacy usually result in mindset bent on compromise, usually a slipping away into social democratic fancies. But our critique remains faithful to the basic aspiration to postcapitalism. That seems like a long shot but it would seem rather that the passage beyond capital domination is gestating powerfully, witness the many ‘half way to literally meant’ exclamations about ‘revolution’, often in the new habit, visible in the Sanders ‘Our Revolution’ gambit, of using the term in vague declarations of activist enthusiasm. Sooner or later the note comes due: revolt or change terminology, or vote retroactively for the New Deal, a last hurrah, dumb, and dumber.

In fact we have designed our ‘red forty-eight’ discourse to critique yet remain compatible more or less with much of the marxist legacy by acting as a superset in which the older stain is embedded.
The basic point here is that many marxists live in a kind of limbo and do not confront the massive resistance to marxism that has been instilled by the dominant ideology and equally by the imprint of bolshevism. There are no options beyond recasting the core ideas in a new language, being careful not to betray the basic issues. We have suggested

moving beyond historical materialism
finding a new perspective on history
entering the critique of darwinism
creating a venue for religious groups even as a kind of upgraded Feuerbachianism is melted down and recast
ditching useless debates over materialism versus idealism. Materialists of the old fashion variety have lost the debate
getting past dialectical materialism…
moving past Marx’s classical economics perspective to a study/critique of neo-classical illusion economics
thinking in terms of the universal class beyond the working class
but at one and the same time formulating platforms that implicitly propose a super-populist package that resolves the working class issue once and for all
this stance can revise its take in the US but must remain mindful of the outstanding reality of a global working class. With the stance on the universal class the working class issue is actually amplified…
much of the discourse on class, class struggle and the issue of ideology can get a through pass…

And so on: we need to grasp the issue of the mechanization of thought and the confusion over failed theories: you must recreate old legacies or they will simply fail to break out of the hypnosis of constant repetition and you must see that the challenges to stale theories seize the high ground if all you can do is repeat old language and that is precisely what has happened, the most notable case being the ‘end of history’ farce, no farce at all: it seized the high ground for a generation. And the left was apparently unable to real decipher the Con here. We can see now just how fragile the logic was: as the climate catastrophe emerges the idea of capitalism as the convergence point of world history seems ludicrous.

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