History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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Historical materialism’s ‘spiritual’ blindness…the hidden occult anti-modern counterrevolution of the gurus…?

January 25th, 2018 · No Comments

Should you read this?
It is perhaps too much for marxist kindergarten.
The materialism of the left has backfired and is really a version of nineteenth century scientism. In an era of ‘new age’ proliferation (much of it harmless enough, with a futurist potential) the hidden fascist conspiracies of the ‘santana dharma’ sprawl have passed unnoticed.

We have concocted a construct called the ‘floating fourth turning point’ which is really a way to get a postmarxist left (born again marxists, in some ways) to consider the larger field of cultural evolution and to consider that the real ‘new age’ movement should have been a communist left. Marxism coopted that role but at this point a way of recasting its legacy is a real option, if we can find a new foundation, perhaps a variant of what already exists, viz. kantian ethical socialism, a fertile field left behind by the idiot dogmatists of the second international…

Competing with buddhist fascism isn’t funny and the stance of marxists in this case is almost equally grotesque…

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